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Solution Archtect V

  • DXC Technology
  • Plano, TX, USA
  • May 19, 2019
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Job Description

Relevant industry knowledge is a priority as well as an awareness of emerging and trending digital technologies.

  • Demonstrates ability to build trusted relationships with CxO or Director level client executives;
  • Ability to `tell a story` to explain the business problem, how our solution solves that business problem and the advantages that it brings. Tells the story from the customer perspective using relevant business and industry terms and is not just focused on the technical aspects; adds emotion and personal experience to make the solution relevant and memorable to the client;
  • Consultative in interacting with clients, asking probing, relevant questions to draw out underlying issues and validate solution options.  Applies techniques such as active listening, persuasion, etc. to great effect;
  • Leads Deal Shaping Workshops ensuring all aspects of the solution are addressed to ensure we have a solution strategy that covers technical, delivery, financial and commercial aspects. Utilizes the output to interact with client stakeholders to qualify, influence and shape decision criteria and expectations associated with business/technology improvements and the value of DXC solutions;
  • Leads the Solution Strategy session to define the high level solution strategy and the client facing document the “Strategy on a Page”. Determines key differentiators that will resonate with the client to ensure solution components optimally and comprehensively fit opportunity requirements and resolve client business challenges;
  • Confirms the Solution Strategy with the client. Should be able to articulate DXC view aligning to the Client Business / Digital strategy (as there is no single definition of Digital);
  • Ensures alignment across the client’s business objectives, the technical solution, the Statement of Work and the contract. Develops an integrated, cost-effective solution that meets the client's requirements, maximizes DXC’s competitive advantage, and adheres to the allowable cost. Designs the solution based on client objectives using Value-Based Solutioning (VBS) and Minimal Viable Product (MVP) concepts. Includes but separates additional services that add value and improve Total Cost of Ownership and/or business case. Identifies acceptable solution trade-offs and risks to both DXC and the client. Leads development of an integrated transition and transformation plan (includes plan overview, timeline, and detailed plan). Develops Statements of Work (SOW) and negotiates SOWs and contract terms with client;
  • Collaborates effectively with the appropriate delivery leaders to design the solution and agree on key solution parameters prior to costing activities;
  • Deep understanding of the role of IT within a chosen vertical industry segment including key business processes and associated IT trends. Applies industry knowledge to solution, client presentations, and proposal content;
  • Builds and maintains an understanding of DXC’s and Partner offerings (features, advantages, and business benefits to clients). Can identify partner companies that have specific capabilities that we can work with to reduce competition or increases our chances of winning;
  • Provides ongoing assistance to the delivery team during transition by providing guidance on 'intent,’ previous client discussions and drivers for design decisions. Understand Plan of Record (POR) variances and assist delivery to execute change control and/or minimize variances;
  • Compelling writing and speaking ability; consultative skills;
  • The Solution Consultant possesses a diverse mix of skills to help enterprises to understand how technology can be used to disrupt their own business models and then successfully design and implement new digital solutions. Will need to be flexible and adaptable, in terms of dealing with ambiguity, learning fast, networking with colleagues and keeping up with the latest industry and technology trends.

Industry Expertise

  • Preferred deep understanding of the role of IT within a chosen vertical industry segment including key business processes and associated IT trends. Should have sufficient knowledge about the Industry, to ask the right questions to Industry expert. This will help to align solution to Client business / Industry and applies industry knowledge to solution, client presentations, and proposal content. Should the Industry require appropriate security or other certification to operate effectively, DXC will expect the Solution Consultant to have these or be willing to obtain them.

Client Engagement

  • Understands technical and business objectives of client;
  • Makes the connection between industry trends and client needs;
  • Capability to “carry the room” when presenting or demonstrating our solutions;
  • Is perceived as a trusted business advisor by the customer


  • Fully understands the client desired business outcomes and how DXC’s transformation strategy will deliver them through a series of projects each delivering business value;
  • Can help construct a transformation strategy that is based on a business journey, and walk the customer through the business value and outcomes delivered through that journey;

Solution Leadership

  • Seen as a coach and mentor to team members;
  • Creates a trust-based high performing team;
  • Drives the priorities and activities of team members;

Orals & Proposals

  • Develops organized, clear responses from the client's viewpoint, articulating the business benefits and responding directly to the client's question. Provides relevant solution detail to explain why the solution was chosen based on the understanding of the client and its requirements, how it will be delivered, and how DXC has delivered benefits to other clients using similar services.
  • Produces presentations and Demonstrations/Proof of concepts that focus and tells the story on the “how” and “why”. Ties specifics of how the solution meets /exceeds the client business needs and the “so what?” Includes possible client risks and mitigation plan. Incorporates DXC win themes/key messages as well as highlighting differentiation.

Ongoing Development

  • Participates in global and regional Solutioning Community Knowledge Management Sessions;
  • Actively researches and maintains an understanding of DXC’s key and emerging competitors – who they are, strengths/weaknesses, selling messages, strategies, and tactics used against DXC. Uses knowledge to counter competitive tactics/ messages during client interactions and within solutions;
  • Self-assesses areas for additional development and initiates action. Attends to formal and informal vertical industry and IT industry training.
  • Maintains ongoing knowledge of chosen Industry and is seen as the “go-to” person for next generation technology in chosen industry.
  • First level and advanced university degree plus
  • 5-8 years directly related experience
  • Typically, 5+ years experience working in a presales or solution selling organization with global experience