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A career within Data and Analytics services will provide you with the opportunity to help organisations uncover enterprise insights and drive business results using smarter data analytics. We focus on a collection of organisational technology capabilities, including business intelligence, data management, and data assurance that help our clients drive innovation, growth, and change within their organisations in order to keep up with the changing nature of customers and technology. We make impactful decisions by mixing mind and machine to leverage data, understand and navigate risk, and help our clients gain a competitive edge.

As part of our Analytics and Insights Consumption team, you’ll analyze data to drive useful insights for clients to address core business issues or to drive strategic outcomes. You'll use visualization, statistical and analytics models, AI/ML techniques, Modelops and other techniques to develop these insights.

Years of Experience: Candidates with 8+ years of hands on experience

Must Have:

  • Familiarity with the CCaaS domain, contact center operations, customer experience metrics, and industry-specific challenges

  • Understanding of conversational (chats, emails and calls) data to train Conversational AI systems

  • In-depth knowledge of CCaaS platforms like NiceCX, Genesys, Cisco etc., including their architecture, functionalities, and integration capabilities

  • Familiarity with contact center metrics, such as average handle time (AHT), first call resolution (FCR), and customer satisfaction (CSAT)

  • Familiarity with sentiment analysis, topic modeling, and text classification techniques

  • Proficiency in data visualization tools like Tableau, Power BI, Quicksight and others

  • Understanding of cloud platforms (e.g., AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) and their services for scalable data storage, processing, and analytics

  • NLU Verticals Expertise: ASR generation, SSML modeling, Intent Analytics, conversational AI testing, Agent Assist, Proactive Outreach Orchestration, and Generative AI

  • Excellent communication skills

Nice to Have:

  • Strong understanding of data science principles, statistical analysis, and machine learning techniques.

  • Proficiency in programming languages such as Python/Pyspark/R/SQL

  • Experience in predictive modeling

  • Skilled in techniques like regression analysis, time series forecasting, clustering and NLP techniques

  • Knowledge of distributed computing frameworks like Hadoop and Spark for processing large volumes of data.

  • Understanding of NoSQL databases (e.g., MongoDB, Cassandra) for handling unstructured and semi-structured data.

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