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Top 15 Computer Science Jobs in 2023

October 17, 2022 0 Comments

By Brian Douglas



The following are the 15 most lucrative job options (no particular order) for those with a computer science background:


1. Data Scientist

Data scientists are highly valuable as their ability to extract meaningful information from a large chunk of data is invaluable for the success of various organizations. That’s is why, even at an entry level, an annual salary of $100,000 can be expected along with various perks such as flexible work hours. Strengths needed to excel as a data scientist include sharp mathematical skills along with effective communication skills to convey the extracted information.

2. Database Developer

Database developer is an important job these days which requires analytical skills along with knowledge of database programs like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server etc. The job starts with an average annual pay of $98,000 at entry level. Companies are willing to pay for databases services as it is important that the data is sorted properly so that it can be easily accessed and retrieved.

3. Support Desk Technician

Support desk technicians are at the frontline of businesses that offer tech services such as laptop troubleshooting to their customers. Their technical knowledge coupled with their soft skills make them valuable assets for their employers. At entry level, their annual salary is around $35,000 which may appear low compared to other IT jobs but it is balanced out by lower qualification requirements.

4. Network Administrator

In modern corporate environments, the network administrator plays a key role in ensuring that there are no issues with the electronic communication networks. If the network is down, it may lead to loss of efficiency and could stop operations as well depending on the nature of the business. Their worth remains high and they could earn up to $60,000 annually.

5. Data Security Administrator

The security of data is essential as confidential information can be easily misused in the wrong hands. The data security administrator ensures that all the security practices are being followed and also comes up with strategies to mitigate any breaches. Their demand continues to grow and companies are willing to pay around $100,000 to new comers in the market.

6. System Administrator

For ensuring smooth day to day operation the system administrator plays an important part. With their knowledge of the respective hardware and software, they ensure that any problems within the system are resolved quickly. This requires problem solving skills along with relevant certifications regarding the hardware/software in use. At entry level, a healthy pay of about $64,500 can be achieved annually.

7. Video Game Designer

Video game industry is a billion dollar industry that continues to flourish. Being a video game designer can be both interesting and financially beneficial. A combination of creativity and programming knowledge can help you achieve wonders in this profession. With innovations such as virtual reality on the forefront, one can expect to start off with earning $80,000 annually.

8. Computer Systems Analyst

The success of any business lies in increasing productivity and lowering costs. The IT world is no different. A computer systems analyst can serve as the catalyst for the success of your business. Using their technical expertise, they come up with methods to eliminate inefficiencies and streamline the whole process. They can generally expect a median annual salary of around $67,000.

9. Computer Network Architect

The framework of an IT business is usually based on computer networks. The design of this structure in accordance to the requirement of the client is done by the computer network architect. They are responsible for creating an efficient network with room for upgrades and troubleshooting mechanism in place. They normally have higher qualification requirements and can earn up to $117,000 in a year.

10. Full Stack Web Developer

The full stack web developer is capable of covering both the front end and back end of web development. A website is essential for any business and in case of IT business, it may become critical for success. In fact, the whole business can be based on the website that offers their products and services online only. It is expected to grow in the coming years and at this point of time, this profession offers $88,000 annually.

11. Mobile Application Developer

In the age of smartphones, well made mobile apps can be great tools for businesses to increase exposure to the relevant demographic. Add in their standalone worth of being a lucrative proposition and it reinforces why mobile app developers are in high demand. Knowledge of programming languages needed for iOS and Android development along with some creative thinking can land you a regular job that brings in $91,000 annually.

12. Machine Learning Engineer

These days, machine learning is one of the buzz words in IT circles. The ability to develop artificial intelligence by allowing apps and devices to experience a wide array of scenarios is simply remarkable. With uses across multiple sectors, the worth of machine language engineers continues to rise exponentially. It is this ever-growing influence that allows them to earn $120,000 yearly and it is expected to rise with the passage of time.

13. Cloud Solutions Architect

The world is shifting its data storage to virtual or cloud storage options. To keep up with the trends, a cloud solutions architect can be very useful. With their knowledge of enterprise architecture, they are able to design a customized cloud storage network which is not only scalable and robust but it also meets specific client requirements. Their potential annual earnings of $120,000 highlights their importance in the IT world.

14. Site Reliability Engineer

If a company website goes down, not only does it create a bad impression of the company but it may lead to loss of business. This is where the site reliability engineer steps in. With their in-depth knowledge of programming languages like HTML script and CSS along with their good command on web management practices, they ensure the smooth operation of your website. Considering the crucial nature of their job, they are able to earn about $119,000 annually.

15. User Interface Designer

User interface is the bridge between the user and the system. If the design of the interface is not intuitive, it can hamper the whole user experience. This makes the job of the user interface designer very critical and all the top tech companies like Apple place great emphasis on it. Through the use of practicality and programming skills, one can earn around $65,000 annually as a user interface designer.