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DXC Technology
Aug 14, 2018
Full time
DXC Technology (NYSE: DXC) is the world’s leading independent, end-to-end IT services company, helping clients harness the power of innovation to thrive on change. Created by the merger of CSC and the Enterprise Services business of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, DXC Technology serves nearly 6,000 private and public-sector clients across 70 countries. The company’s technology independence, global talent and extensive partner alliance combine to deliver powerful next-generation IT services and solutions. DXC Technology is recognized among the best corporate citizens globally. Job Description: Answer incoming calls from both internal and external users regarding the FMMIS system and general information. Access various systems to research and resolve inquires and issues. Process security forms timely and accurately. Provide outstanding customer service and care, both verbal and written. Responsibilities: · Answer calls and assist with password resets and general computer issues. · Interface with other units of the account and Medicaid Agency personnel. · Project a positive attitude toward co-workers and all customers. · Process security forms timely and accurately. · Other general clerical tasks and additional duties as assigned by leadership Education and Experience : ·         High School Diploma or equivalent; may hold 2 year post-high school Degree; may hold Bachelor’s degree ·         Typically, 1-2 years of working experience in related fields Knowledge and Skills: ·         Ability to work in a production environment under strict quality and production requirements ·         Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills, including professional telephone skills ·         Ability to maintain a professional attitude ·         Ability to work under pressure ·         Ability to work independently ·         Ability to analyze, identify, and resolve issues ·         Ability to perform multiple tasks ·         Ability to project a positive attitude and a high degree of self-confidence ·         Knowledge of Medicaid billing a plus ·         Ability to access and retrieve information using a PC and basic understanding of
DXC Technology New Orleans LA
Jul 26, 2018
Full time
Researches, designs, develops, configures, integrates, tests and maintains existing and new business applications and/or information systems solutions including databases through integration of technical and business requirements. Applications and infrastructure solutions include both 3rd party software and internally developed applications and infrastructure. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, analysis of business requirements, coding of modifications or new program, creation of documentation, testing and maintenance of applications, infrastructure, and information systems including database management systems. Works within the Information Technology function, obtaining resources and working in support of objectives and strategies. Provides required documentation and participates in architecture reviews to ensure that the solutions comply with standards and use approved technologies. Typical customers are company end users and various functional areas such as Supply Chain, Research and Development, Marketing, Finance, a business, or the company. Responsibilities: Participates as a member of development team. Performs basic analysis of functional or business requirements. Completes code stubs prepared by more senior developers. Participates in code review. Prepares and executes Unit tests. Applies advanced technical knowledge to maintain a technology area (e.g. Database Administration). May perform solution design. Applies the company and 3rd party technologies to infrastructure and software solutions of moderate complexity. Implements end- user or enterprise infrastructure or services prepared by more senior technologist. Education and Experience Required: Typically a technical Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience and a minimum of 2 years of related experience or a Master's degree and up to two years of experience. Knowledge and Skills: 2 or more years of experience writing code (such as, and not limited to, Java, C, C++, C#, VB.Net; databases like SqlServer/ Oracle. Experience of one or more full release cycles. Basic understanding of modern software development methodologies (Object). Basic understanding of modern software development tools and SCM (software configuration management). Basic understanding of Software Test methodologies, test scripting and testing tools. Understanding of Basic Database Administration. Good verbal and written communication skills.

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What are the skills required for Java Developer? As everyone is not made for programming as such like a java developer you must need some skills to become a Java Developer or good Java Developer. Following are the skills that may help you become a better Java Developer. If you to start java you must read all the point that I mention below. About Java: I know some of you think that “what about java”. If you not know about java and also what java can do in daily life or what you can do with the java programming? First you have to take a deep look on what java programming can do and then you path is clear that Java is your dream language or not. So now it is clear that Java is your required language. Now you must also know about the different IDE’s (Integrated Development Environment) which you are working in to develop your apps or your programs. There are different IDE’s used for different purposes like Netbeans for desktop apps and Android Studio for an Android Apps. Do you First Learn C then Java? There are most of the institutions that will ask you to first learn C and then Java. So you know about the basics of how the programming language works. But in my opinion Java can be your first language. If you learn C it is better for you but not waste time on C just start learning Java so you will get better understanding on Java mechanism works and also OO principles (Object Oriented). As java is Object Oriented Programming Language. Basic OO Concepts: Now some of you are not clear about the OO principles and also the concepts of Java programming. I must say this is the most important skill that you need to become a Java Developer. Just like other programming languages you must learn if-else statements, loops etc. But in Java you should have to learn more like inheritance that parent and child relationship. Exception Handling for better app development. Interfaces also some class concepts you need to become a java developer. What Platform You Want? So now you have a question that (what platform?). Platform is really depending upon your interest. There are different platforms you have to develop different apps for different operating system or also you can go for servers. Like Android Studio for Android Apps. Netbeans for desktop Apps. JavaScript for websites and Also Java Enterprise Edition that you can learn in the future. Knowledge About Databases: For getting better in java programming or you want to be a java developer. You should have to know about the Databases. How the database works. There different DBMS (Database Management Systems) where you save your data and retrieve your data using java application. Database is only need when you want to save the data from your front end java application. Java also have the file handling but that was not the good approach you save your data in it. Bonus Points: All the above points are the skills you need to become the Java Developer. Now if you want to become better in Java Programming you must practice those skills you make you better in your Java programming. Practice every single day to better know how to fix the bugs or error in your programs. Must know about the data structures that Java Programming have it. You are more flexible in your Coding. “Programmers must practice if they want to Shine in the Future!”
How to Become an Expert Java Programmer? For becoming an expert in Java Programming you must have to do following things. As Java is one of the most popular language right now as it supports Android Development. Good in OO Principles: OO (Object Oriented Programming) is the basic where java programmers must be strong in. Without the basics of Object Oriented Programming you are not likely to be perfect or I must say “Not perfect” in java programing. While learning through just notes you must practice every single day of your java basic so that when you use in your project you not need to look and it. Like inheritance that parent and child properties. Detailed Learning of Java: For being said detailed learning is mandatory for become an expert in java programming. For detailed learning of java programming you must take a look on every single function or every feature of java to be learned. GUI or JavaFX may be one of those. Practice Every Single Day: In any programming language if you not work regularly or daily you may have stuck sometimes in the problem. Same as java you must practice your skills of java every single day. Whether it is working on your GUI or some core features like exceptions or your data structures logic. Coding every single day is the best way to be expert in java programming or in any programming language. Fixing different Types of Problems: By fixing problem it means you enhanced your programming skills. Fix a bug or an error in a project make you thing that you haven’t thing before. Which you can do it in your own to fix a problem it means that you are having more knowledge about features of java. Helping Others: Helping other is really helpful for you as a programmer. Sometimes you not work so deeply on some of the java features and when you get a problem on those features you definitely take a deep look on it to get rid of problem. Also others may be doing things different compare to your thoughts. So if you help them you can definitely increase your knowledge. Understanding of every Single Line of Code: While you are working on your projects or whatever you are doing must know every single line of code to get a better understanding about the code and also helps you catch up your errors quickly. Sometimes it happens when you not get understanding about the code so take a time and research about that code to get better understanding. Good understanding of a good will makes you better in java programming. Blog or Response: On internet there are lot of people having different experience regarding to the programming languages their IDE’s and also other stuff about the java programming. If you are there you get lot know about new thing that you haven’t heard before about java programming language or maybe you get the new trend that are available in the market. And sometimes you can help other people on blog by responding to their error or your experience handling with that error might help the others. These things will make you an expert in java programming language.
Probably, many people have told you there is no career opportunity in computer science. In fact, you may be even considering a university degree in computer science as being inferior to medicine, law, and engineering courses. If you fall into this category, then you are missing a lot! Little do you know that there are thousands of job opportunities in the computer science field with no one to occupy them. With the trend of world’s technology, all activities in the world are now going “e”. Earlier before now, you need to physically visit the market to purchase some clothes and groceries. However, these days, you can get them delivered to your doorstep with just a few clicks. There are many other contexts in which the computer technology has taken over. Just as computer technology is booming, there is a constant rise in the demand for computer scientists at the top, world-class companies, and businesses. However, if you are thinking of developing a career in computer science, Rome was not built in a day. Of course, there are certain conditions you need to meet and requirements you need to satisfy. In order to assist you to grow, here are the few tips to get you started. Steps to developing a career in computer science Develop interest in Mathematics Your career in computer starts from your high school days. Show some concern for mathematics, especially aspects like algebra, functions, and variables. This is so because computer programs focus heavily on statistical permutations. In fact, some programs employ calculus, trigonometry, linear functions, and calculus for operation. Take computer science in college. Make computer science your priority when seeking admission into a college. Most employers require a Bachelor’s Degree Computer Science or related fields. So, even if you have the knowledge and technology know-how, you still need the certification to qualify for top jobs. There a variety of computer science courses in colleges, such as software engineering and computer engineering. Learn a programming language used in the industry. Apart from the theoretical lessons, you learn in the college, take a further step to learning the practical aspect in any computer firm. There are lots of computer program studies available and you can earn internationally-recognized certificates from them. Such programs include Oracle, CISCO, Java, and a host of others. This step will mean a huge difference between you and an ordinary BSC holder. Complete a warm-up project. The truth is that companies and top-level businesses need workers with an experience. For you to have an upper hand, you need to have a couple of solid, relevant computer programs you have worked This is why you need to engage yourself in some projects in order to have some experience and samples to present. Unlike other fields where you need to an employer before you can have an experience, you can completely run a computer program on a freelance model and get your result. Stay up to date. What is the essence of a knowledge that is outdated? This is more of the reason why you should be conversant about the developments in your environment and be able to easily adapt to it. Also, follow up with the latest requirements out there and quickly move towards the trend. Conclusion Without a doubt, the world is going technological and we all need to see beyond the possibilities. With the growing demand for computer programs and activities, developing a career in computer science is a hot-cake and professionals in this field are in high demand! So, what are you waiting for?
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