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DXC Technology Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
Jun 14, 2019
Full time
Provide technology consulting to external customers and internal project teams. Responsible for providing technical support and/or leadership in the creation and delivery of technology solutions designed to meet customers’ business needs and, consequently, for understanding customers’ businesses. As trusted advisor create and maintain effective customer relationships so as to insure customer satisfaction. Maintain knowledge of leading edge technologies and industry/market domain knowledge. Actively contribute to the company’s solutions portfolio by providing information ranging from technical knowledge to methodologies based on experience gained from customer projects. Shape technical direction and technical strategies within the organization and for external customers. Accountable for consistent and significant chargeability levels (or expense relief for internal project teams) and for assisting in meeting or exceeding revenue and customer satisfaction goals. Contribute to organization’s profitability by generating and cultivating new business opportunities and by providing technical support for deal proposal development. Responsibilities: Responsible for delivery of assigned tasks within the delivery cycle of a project. Understands a broad spectrum of the company's technology in order to deliver part of a detailed technical design, which meets customer requirements. Tasks may include installing new systems applications; updating applications, firmware, and drivers; creating boundaries for as well as performing configuration and testing activities; applications programming for assigned modules within a larger program; assisting in the preparation of technical presentations and demonstrations; and participating in customer meetings. Works with minimal direction from the technical lead and with customer nominated representatives to accomplish assigned tasks. Contributes to design for specific deliverables and assists in the development of technical solutions. Participates as part of a team and maintains good relationships with team members and customers. Understands the company strategy and the role that the individual plays. Uses knowledge tools and re- uses information for the benefit of projects, and of professional development. Uses and contributes to technical forums within the company environment and local professional communities and technical user groups. Education and Experience Required: 3 - 5 years of technical experience and a Bachelor of Arts/Science or equivalent degree in computer science or related area of study; without a degree, two additional years of relevant professional experience (5-7 years in total). Knowledge and Skills: Has sufficient depth and breadth of technical knowledge to be individually responsible for the implementation of a specific deliverable. Able to contribute to the design for deliverables. Has ability to perform/drive resolution of problems on individual products. Able to communicate broad and specific concepts with team and to peers. Able to produce documentation for use by team and customer.
DXC Technology El Paso, TX, USA
May 22, 2019
Full time
Applies specialized knowledge to conceptualize, design, develop, unit-test, configure, and implement portions of new or enhanced (upgrades or conversions) business and technical software solutions through application of appropriate standard software development life cycle methodologies and processes. Interacts with the Client and project roles (e.g., Project Manager, Business Analyst, Data Engineer) as required, to gain an understanding of the business environment, technical context, and organizational strategic direction. Defines scope, plans, and deliverables for assigned components. Understands and uses appropriate tools to analyze, identify, and resolve business and or technical problems. Applies metrics to monitor performance and measure key project parameters. Prepares system documentation. Conforms to security and quality standards. Stays current on emerging tools, techniques, and technologies. Responsibilities: Participates as a member of development team. Completes development of units with designs prepared by more senior developers. Participates in code reviews. Prepares and executes unit tests. Applies growing technical knowledge to maintain a technology area (e.g. Web-site Development). Education and Experience Required: Typically a technical Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience and a minimum of 1-2 years of related experience. May include highly experienced individuals performing entry- level equivalent work who are non- degreed or degreed in an unrelated field. Knowledge and Skills: 1-2 years experience writing code using C/C++ and Unix. Basic understanding of RDBMS databases such SQL Server and Oracle. Basic understanding of testing tools and unit test scripting. Experience using (or an understanding of the use of) an Integrated Development Environment (e.g., Eclipse, Visual Studio). NOTE: This position can be located in El Paso, Texas, OR Conway, Arkansas.
DXC Technology Conway, AR, USA
May 20, 2019
Full time
Provide runtime support for the Oracle SOA Suite toolset to developers and configuration management staff. Responsibilities:  Configure, administer, and maintain Oracle Fusion Middleware MAA infrastructure components. Install and Configure Development, Test and Production environments Provide recommendations on set up requirements for Oracle SOA 12c Troubleshoot issues and provide root cause analysis Provider documentation of configuration and procedures as needed Qualifications: Experience in configuring, administering and maintaining Oracle Fusion Middleware MAA (maximum availability architecture – this includes HA and DR config) infrastructure components, including WebLogic Suite (WLS, Coherence, and Java SE), SOA Suite 11g/12c (Adapters, BPEL, BAM, Business Rules, OSB, and OWSM), Oracle API Gateway. Must have 6+ years of experience in managing servers for Oracle SOA 11g and 12c, Weblogic Must have 6+ years of experience in installing SOA for HA(clustering), Load balancer/http servers, security gateways for production Must have 5+ years of experience in providing Oracle fusion middleware (SOA) Maximum Availability Architecture includes HA and DR Must have 5+ years of experience in probing production for scalability and HA Experience in Installation and Configuration of Development, Test and Production environments Experience in configuring SSL and SSL certificate key stores Experience in Configuration of HA components in 12c Experience in System Integration testing for SOA components Experience in providing recommendations on Parameters, set up requirements for Oracle SOA 12c Must have 5+ years of experience in root cause and troubleshoot production issues including stuck threads, heap sizing, GC, connection pool leakage, n/w connection time outs, read time outs, JCA time outs, DB connection time outs, file system out of space, SSL certificates, deployments, patching and etc., Must have 5+ years of experience in configuring and monitoring, server health, SOA composite health, JCA connection pools, DB connection pool, server logs, GC dump and JVM monitoring Must have 5+ years of experience in patching/upgrading WebLogic and SOA and must be able to recommend patches Must have strong experience in configuring SOA Domain, JCA adapters and WLS resources for DB, JMS, file and FTP for using WLST scripts. Must have 2+ years in deploying and administrating OAG Experience with deploying with Policy Studio and scripted deployment in Unix environments
ESG Consulting San Francisco, CA, USA
Aug 30, 2018
Full time
We are looking for a skilled Firmware Engineer to help architect and build C software for embedded devices as part of autonomous vehicle development team. Responsibilities: Design and develop complex, highly scalable, and latency-optimized software in C Invent, extend, design and develop next-generation features for self-driving car applications Improve and deliver reliable software through continuous integration, automated testing and code reviews Requirements: 4+ years of experience as a Firmware Engineer writing production quality code in C Eagerness to learn and explore new technologies Ability to write or quickly learn how to write clean, fast, and reliable C code Working experience operating and debugging embedded systems Strong organizational and communication skills Unit test everything but know when to ask our stellar tools team for scripts or tools Bonus Skills: Experience with Linux Experience with ROS

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 By Brian Douglas   Here is a directory of companies that are employing people in computer science roles.   1.  The Home Depot, Inc.      2455 Paces Ferry Rd SE, Atlanta, GA 30339      1-866-698-4347      employment website  -   2.  Southern Company      30 Ivan Allen Jr Blvd NW      Atlanta, GA 30308      employment website  -    3.  Delta Airlines      1030 Delta Blvd.       Atlanta, GA  30320       employment website -        Click here to View Computer Science jobs in Atlanta            
By Brian Douglas     Empire Career Services, a company out of Utah, started by Dr. Philip S. Gold, provides professional resume writing services.  They have over 20 years experience in the game  with outstanding customer feed back.  They offer a free resume review.  To find out more information, click here ---- Empire Career Services
                                                   Top 15 Computer Science Jobs For 2019   By Brian Douglas The following are the 15 most lucrative job options (no particular order) for those with a computer science background: Data Scientist Data scientists are highly valuable as their ability to extract meaningful information from a large chunk of data is invaluable for the success of various organizations. That’s is why, even at an entry level, an annual salary of $100,000 can be expected along with various perks such as flexible work hours. Strengths needed to excel as a data scientist include sharp mathematical skills along with effective communication skills to convey the extracted information. Database Developer Database developer is an important job these days which requires analytical skills along with knowledge of database programs like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server etc. The job starts with an average annual pay of $98,000 at entry level. Companies are willing to pay for databases services as it is important that the data is sorted properly so that it can be easily accessed and retrieved. Support Desk Technician Support desk technicians are at the frontline of businesses that offer tech services such as laptop troubleshooting to their customers. Their technical knowledge coupled with their soft skills make them valuable assets for their employers. At entry level, their annual salary is around $35,000 which may appear low compared to other IT jobs but it is balanced out by lower qualification requirements. Network Administrator In modern corporate environments, the network administrator plays a key role in ensuring that there are no issues with the electronic communication networks. If the network is down, it may lead to loss of efficiency and could stop operations as well depending on the nature of the business. Their worth remains high and they could earn up to $60,000 annually. Data Security Administrator The security of data is essential as confidential information can be easily misused in the wrong hands. The data security administrator ensures that all the security practices are being followed and also comes up with strategies to mitigate any breaches. Their demand continues to grow and companies are willing to pay around $100,000 to new comers in the market.   See latest job openings at    System Administrator For ensuring smooth day to day operation the system administrator plays an important part. With their knowledge of the respective hardware and software, they ensure that any problems within the system are resolved quickly. This requires problem solving skills along with relevant certifications regarding the hardware/software in use. At entry level, a healthy pay of about $64,500 can be achieved annually. Video Game Designer Video game industry is a billion dollar industry that continues to flourish. Being a video game designer can be both interesting and financially beneficial. A combination of creativity and programming knowledge can help you achieve wonders in this profession. With innovations such as virtual reality on the forefront, one can expect to start off with earning $80,000 annually. Computer Systems Analyst The success of any business lies in increasing productivity and lowering costs. The IT world is no different. A computer systems analyst can serve as the catalyst for the success of your business. Using their technical expertise, they come up with methods to eliminate inefficiencies and streamline the whole process. They can generally expect a median annual salary of around $67,000. Computer Network Architect The framework of an IT business is usually based on computer networks. The design of this structure in accordance to the requirement of the client is done by the computer network architect. They are responsible for creating an efficient network with room for upgrades and troubleshooting mechanism in place. They normally have higher qualification requirements and can earn up to $117,000 in a year. Full Stack Web Developer The full stack web developer is capable of covering both the front end and back end of web development. A website is essential for any business and in case of IT business, it may become critical for success. In fact, the whole business can be based on the website that offers their products and services online only. It is expected to grow in the coming years and at this point of time, this profession offers $88,000 annually.  Mobile Application Developer In the age of smartphones, well made mobile apps can be great tools for businesses to increase exposure to the relevant demographic. Add in their standalone worth of being a lucrative proposition and it reinforces why mobile app developers are in high demand. Knowledge of programming languages needed for iOS and Android development along with some creative thinking can land you a regular job that brings in $91,000 annually. Machine Learning Engineer These days, machine learning is one of the buzz words in IT circles. The ability to develop artificial intelligence by allowing apps and devices to experience a wide array of scenarios is simply remarkable. With uses across multiple sectors, the worth of machine language engineers continues to rise exponentially. It is this ever-growing influence that allows them to earn $120,000 yearly and it is expected to rise with the passage of time. Cloud Solutions Architect The world is shifting its data storage to virtual or cloud storage options. To keep up with the trends, a cloud solutions architect can be very useful. With their knowledge of enterprise architecture, they are able to design a customized cloud storage network which is not only scalable and robust but it also meets specific client requirements. Their potential annual earnings of $120,000 highlights their importance in the IT world. Site Reliability Engineer If a company website goes down, not only does it create a bad impression of the company but it may lead to loss of business. This is where the site reliability engineer steps in. With their in-depth knowledge of programming languages like HTML script and CSS along with their good command on web management practices, they ensure the smooth operation of your website. Considering the crucial nature of their job, they are able to earn about $119,000 annually. User Interface Designer User interface is the bridge between the user and the system. If the design of the interface is not intuitive, it can hamper the whole user experience. This makes the job of the user interface designer very critical and all the top tech companies like Apple place great emphasis on it. Through the use of practicality and programming skills, one can earn around $65,000 annually as a user interface designer.   See latest job openings at
By Brian Douglas   How to become a Java Developer in 6 months Is it possible?  Yes it is, many have done so. If you want to become a java developer you should have to focus on key things that will help you learn Java quickly and efficiently. Java is one of the best languages in the world but it does not mean that it takes years to learn java. You can learn java in six months or even less than six months. Beginning: When you write you own first code you are said to be a java programmer but it doesn’t means that you are perfect in java programming. Java is not a small  thing, there are lot of features  that are available in java programming that you must learn to become a good java programmer.  At the beginning if you know other languages like (C or C++) before Java it might help you to just understand the basics of loops, if-else but the thing is that java is an Object Oriented Programming, so you must learn java OOP principles to get better in java in the future. Java also has exception handling tools that helps you get better in coding. For learning java in less than 6 months you should have to spend most of your time on java basics for better understanding. Keep Motivated: Some of you might think that why “Keep Motivated” this is something really important for you to learn java in six months because when you give most of your time to your language as an experience in programming languages “you often get tired to do programming” and you are off of your track and that’s the really important time for you to learn and code in java programming language. Is it possible Without Other languages Knowledge? Most of the people think that you first learn C and then Java. I must say, if you want to become a java programmer you don’t need other languages knowledge, just start with java don’t waste time learning other languages and then come to java. If you learn other languages it may take more time for you to become a java programmer. Learn By Yourself: Wait, this is something you think that it might be “boring” but it’s not boring at all. If you want to become perfect in java or good in java programming, you must put some effort to do so. Thing is that go online join different number of groups where java programmer discuss their programs. See them how they work and their problems and try to solve those problems by yourself and also start building your own projects to get better and better in java in every single day. When you start working on java projects you might get some difficulties but when you resolve those you will see yourself as a good java programmer. Other Important Factors: The best thing in java is different kind of tools to work with to learn java. If you often get tired of doing java programming “Just start building a GUI for your project” or you also increase your knowledge by using javafx which is used for rich interface of projects. Believe me that you are more excited than before when you are start working on your projects with javafx. “Keep motivated; learn Java Programming and Stay Happy!”
By Brian Douglas   What are the skills required for Java Developer? As everyone is not made for programming as such like a java developer you must need some skills to become a Java Developer or good Java Developer. Following are the skills that may help you become a better Java Developer. If you to start java you must read all the point that I mention below. About Java: I know some of you think that “what about java”. If you not know about java and also what java can do in daily life or what you can do with the java programming? First you have to take a deep look on what java programming can do and then you path is clear that Java is your dream language or not. So now it is clear that Java is your required language. Now you must also know about the different IDE’s (Integrated Development Environment) which you are working in to develop your apps or your programs. There are different IDE’s used for different purposes like Netbeans for desktop apps and Android Studio for an Android Apps. Do you First Learn C then Java? There are most of the institutions that will ask you to first learn C and then Java. So you know about the basics of how the programming language works. But in my opinion Java can be your first language. If you learn C it is better for you but not waste time on C just start learning Java so you will get better understanding on Java mechanism works and also OO principles (Object Oriented). As java is Object Oriented Programming Language. Basic OO Concepts: Now some of you are not clear about the OO principles and also the concepts of Java programming. I must say this is the most important skill that you need to become a Java Developer. Just like other programming languages you must learn if-else statements, loops etc. But in Java you should have to learn more like inheritance that parent and child relationship. Exception Handling for better app development. Interfaces also some class concepts you need to become a java developer. What Platform You Want? So now you have a question that (what platform?). Platform is really depending upon your interest. There are different platforms you have to develop different apps for different operating system or also you can go for servers. Like Android Studio for Android Apps. Netbeans for desktop Apps. JavaScript for websites and Also Java Enterprise Edition that you can learn in the future. Knowledge About Databases: For getting better in java programming or you want to be a java developer. You should have to know about the Databases. How the database works. There different DBMS (Database Management Systems) where you save your data and retrieve your data using java application. Database is only need when you want to save the data from your front end java application. Java also have the file handling but that was not the good approach you save your data in it. Bonus Points: All the above points are the skills you need to become the Java Developer. Now if you want to become better in Java Programming you must practice those skills you make you better in your Java programming. Practice every single day to better know how to fix the bugs or error in your programs. Must know about the data structures that Java Programming have it. You are more flexible in your Coding. “Programmers must practice if they want to Shine in the Future!”
By Brian Douglas   How to Become an Expert Java Programmer? For becoming an expert in Java Programming you must have to do following things. As Java is one of the most popular language right now as it supports Android Development. Good in OO Principles: OO (Object Oriented Programming) is the basic where java programmers must be strong in. Without the basics of Object Oriented Programming you are not likely to be perfect or I must say “Not perfect” in java programing. While learning through just notes you must practice every single day of your java basic so that when you use in your project you not need to look and it. Like inheritance that parent and child properties. Detailed Learning of Java: For being said detailed learning is mandatory for become an expert in java programming. For detailed learning of java programming you must take a look on every single function or every feature of java to be learned. GUI or JavaFX may be one of those. Practice Every Single Day: In any programming language if you not work regularly or daily you may have stuck sometimes in the problem. Same as java you must practice your skills of java every single day. Whether it is working on your GUI or some core features like exceptions or your data structures logic. Coding every single day is the best way to be expert in java programming or in any programming language. Fixing different Types of Problems: By fixing problem it means you enhanced your programming skills. Fix a bug or an error in a project make you thing that you haven’t thing before. Which you can do it in your own to fix a problem it means that you are having more knowledge about features of java. Helping Others: Helping other is really helpful for you as a programmer. Sometimes you not work so deeply on some of the java features and when you get a problem on those features you definitely take a deep look on it to get rid of problem. Also others may be doing things different compare to your thoughts. So if you help them you can definitely increase your knowledge. Understanding of every Single Line of Code: While you are working on your projects or whatever you are doing must know every single line of code to get a better understanding about the code and also helps you catch up your errors quickly. Sometimes it happens when you not get understanding about the code so take a time and research about that code to get better understanding. Good understanding of a good will makes you better in java programming. Blog or Response: On internet there are lot of people having different experience regarding to the programming languages their IDE’s and also other stuff about the java programming. If you are there you get lot know about new thing that you haven’t heard before about java programming language or maybe you get the new trend that are available in the market. And sometimes you can help other people on blog by responding to their error or your experience handling with that error might help the others. These things will make you an expert in java programming language.
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